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Sweet Little Birds own design of Bracelets- Angel Bracelets. Please choose the bead combo from the options section as well as 'tight' for small wrists or regular.

Tight bracelets have 21 beads and regular have 25.


This edition was made in celebration of getting to see Uncle JID at a live show again for the first time in a long, long time and is named after her new fav song of his "Dance Now".


This is the Dance Now edition with small dark square wooden engraved beads with her name "Lil Bird" on one side and "Angel Bracelets" on the other.


Dance Now edition:

Matte Amethyst and blue Tiger's Eye

Aura Quartz and Smokey Onyx

Cat's Eye and Honey Topaz

Aurora Tiger's Eye and Matte Onyx


Her GiGi helps her string the beads and she does all the bead choosing and placement.


We will give $1 of each bracelet sold to charity.


Shipping to the US. Porch Pick Up available for those of you in town.


We can also giftwrap if you would like to send them as a gift.

Dance Now series

  • Lil Bird chooses and creates the design of each bracelet.

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