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Sweet Little Birds own design of Bracelets- Angel Bracelets. This edition is made to Stand with the Ukraine .


We have made the website more cost effective, cause let's face it.... Bird gives away more bracelets then they sell :)


When ordering please email use the series, order code (or type of bead), and if you want Tight or Regular size. We are still working out the schematics  of this but we will email you back an invoice to pay before shipping.




Please choose the bead combo from the options section as well as 'tight' for small wrists or regular.

Tight bracelets are for smaller writsts and regular, well fit a 'regular' wrists.


Yellow Jade and Lapis Lazuli. Other great news, these come in tight (small) and regular. (you asked for it you got it!) Please choose size in the options section.


Bird's GiGi helps them string the beads and they do all the bead choosing and placement.


We will give $5 of each bracelet sold in this edition to charity.


Shipping to the US. Porch Pick Up available for those of you in town.


We can also giftwrap if you would like to send them as a gift.

Ukraine edition

  • Lil Bird chooses and creates the design of each bracelet.

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